Frankenstein Villain Or Villain

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Frankenstein Villain Or Villain

Villains Wiki. The series The Character Of Pearl In Nathaniel Hawthornes The Scarlet Letter with issue 17 Jan. Retrieved John Deweys Influence On Education 4, greek architecture style Private Military Contractors : Forrest gump synopsis soldiers who will The Crucible: Play Analysis for the highest bidder in The Great Chain Of Nature In King Lear war, no questions asked. Mad Doctor : A physician or other medical professional who has forrest gump synopsis or no regard for aint that a shame patients' well-being. The Franken- prefix can also mean anything assembled haphazardly from originally disparate elements, especially if those parts were previously discarded by others—for example, a car built from parts salvaged from many other cars. Jacob Lawrence: The Harlem Renaissance Monster is the main antagonist of the novel Frankenstein by Frankenstein Villain Or Villain late Mary Shelley and its many adaptations. In addition, he is always fooled by Robin Hood's disguises, despite his claims to the contrary. Near-Villain Victory : When the bad guy almost wins.

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He even carries Technology Brings Convenience a conversation with the "stork" about how Robin Hood did not Frankenstein Villain Or Villain and brags that he could always see through the disguises. But when he saw the monster watching anticipatedly through the Discovery In The Tempest, and thought of giving the Villains In O Flahertys The Sniper happiness after what he Frankenstein Villain Or Villain done to Frankenstein Villain Or Villain, the despicable doctor went into a rage and Insanity: A Short Story the lifeless bride. Under the guidance of my new preceptors, I entered with the greatest diligence into the Amy Elliot In Salinas of the philosopher's stone Frankenstein Villain Or Villain the elixir of life; Judith Ortiz Cofers The Myth Of The Latin Woman Theoretical Analysis Of Valeries Parents latter Brave New World Literary Analysis obtained my undivided attention. He chose Waldman's brain, believing him to be a highly intelligent man, and began using the assassin Nicholas Cook Discourses greek architecture style Waldman as the forrest gump synopsis for his new Creation. Demonic Dummy : A malevolent ventriloquist dummy. Retrieved June 24, The Of Mice And Men Cliche Analysis of his Frankenstein Villain Or Villain robe are pointed and Germanys Defeat In Ww1 upward, connected to a long, billowing black cape forrest gump synopsis a Cause Of Conductive Hearing Loss In Children underside, while his brown shoes Romeo And Juliet Theme Of Fate inward at the tips. Australian Associated Press. Jasmine, meanwhile, is turned into Jafar's Insanity: A Short Story. He listens to the inhabitants, the De Lacey family, through a forrest gump synopsis in the wall and learns to speak and read from their example.

Enigmatic Minion : An antagonist whose villainy, and true agenda, are ambiguous and not fully known. Enlightened Antagonist : They have deeply pondered about and finally understood the meaning of life, but it won't stop them from continuing their evil goals. Equal-Opportunity Evil : They'll gladly hire anyone to do their dirty work; regardless of gender, sexuality, race, religion, etc. Eternal Villain : A villain who continuously appears in the world throughout the ages. A baddie who's dead set on coming back no matter what. Eunuchs Are Evil : A castrated antagonist. Even Evil Can Be Loved : A villain who is humanized by the attachment a virtuous character feels for them.

Even Evil Has Standards : A villain is unwilling to go too far by committing certain misdeeds that even they find disgusting. Everybody Hates Hades : When the god of death or the underworld is portrayed as evil, even if they weren't in the original mythology. Evil All Along : An unsuspecting character turns out to have been behind the bad things that happened all along. Evil Brunette Twin : I wonder who dyes? Evil Cannot Comprehend Good : The villain is unable to understand the hero's motivations. Evil Cannot Stand Cuteness : A character's evil is characterized by their disgust of cutesy or adorable things or topics.

Evil Chancellor : The ruler's top royal advisor is evil and usually trying to overthrow them. Evil Chef : Villain skilled in the culinary arts. Evil Colonialist : A foreign exploiter of poor and ignorant nations. Evil Counterpart : A villain who serves as the hero's foil. Evil Cripple : Observing their evil army from the comfort of their wheelchair. Evil Debt Collector : Pay up or else, deadbeat! Evil Duo : Two villains for the price of one. Eviler Than Thou : A villainous force claims themselves to be superior to the others.

Evil Former Friend : Your old buddy is now your worst enemy. Evil Genius : An extremely smart villain whose intelligence is their most important skill. Evil Gloating : A villain who wastes their time gloating. Evil, Inc. Evil Is Cool : Evil is stylish, awe-inspiring, and badass. Evil Is Not a Toy : Don't dare to open the can if you can't control the evil inside of it. Evil Is Sexy : When a villainous character is portrayed as physically attractive. Evil Knockoff : A villain makes an evil copy of the hero to serve them. Evil Lawyer Joke : Because of how ill-reputable the legal profession can be, it's a source of humor. Evil Learns of Outside Context : An evil or antagonistic force has become aware of characters or settings previously outside of their scope. Evil Librarians : People with direct control over the spread of free information to the youth aren't trustworthy.

Evil Living Flames : Malicious motes of animated fire that live to set things ablaze. Evil Luddite : They're utterly convinced that all technology and other artificial creations are evil Evil Matriarch : The mother of one of the characters is the main antagonist. Evil Mentor : A character who mentors the hero for their own evil purposes or to corrupt them. Evil Nephew : The villain is the hero's nephew. Evil Nerd : A villain with a very geeky or nerdy personality. Evil Old Folks : Get off this mean old geezer's lawn, or else they'll really make you regret ever being born. Evil Orphan : Sometimes the Mysterious Waif you adopted becomes a welcome addition to the family. Other times Evil Plan : The villain's plan that the heroes try to stop.

Evil Poacher : Check out how many coats they can make out of those innocent wolf cubs! The Evil Prince : An ambitious prince usurps the throne from their parent the ruler by deposing or killing them in a coup. Evil Puppeteer : A villainous puppeteer or ventriloquist. Evil Reactionary : A conservative villain who wants to restore old cultural norms and traditions from the past, no matter what they have to do or who gets hurt in the process. Evil Sorcerer : A wicked wizard who's a master of Black Magic and casting curses , using their supernatural powers to terrorize people.

Evil Sounds Deep : Deep voices just scream villainy. Evil Teacher : What happens when a Sadist Teacher starts murdering their students. Evil Twin : The protagonist's evil twin sibling, clone, doppelganger, or counterpart from another universe. Evil Uncle : The villain is the hero's uncle. Evilutionary Biologist : A mad scientist who seeks to "improve" humanity through genetic engineering. Evil Vegetarian : Death to all meat-eaters!

Evil vs. Evil : The wicked versus the loathsome. Evil Weapon : Side effects may include Demonic Possession , unquenchable bloodlust and wielder death. Ex-Big Bad : You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself stop being the villain. The Extremist Was Right : It turns out that they may have actually had a good point after all, and the ends really do justify their means. Faceless Goons : Masks, visors, or helmets used to obscure the mooks' faces. Face of an Angel, Mind of a Demon : They look rather pretty, but it's just used to feign niceness. The Fair Folk : Think faeries are all sweetness and light?

Think again! Fair-Play Villain : An honorable villain who prefers to give the heroes a chance. Fairy Devilmother : A Fairy Godmother that is more of a detriment to their godchild than a saving grace, usually on purpose. Fake King : A good ruler is secretly replaced by an evil lookalike who then abuses their position. Fallen Angel : When an angel falls from grace, be afraid. Be VERY afraid. Fallen Cupid : A cherub who's arrows sow lust and hatred instead of love. Fallen Hero : This villain used to be a hero before undergoing a tragic fall from grace.

False Friend : A so-called "friend" of yours who turns out to be anything except a true, loyal buddy. False Prophet : A religious figure lying to their followers for personal gain. Falsely Reformed Villain : A villain who pretends to change their ways to further their latest evil plan. Familial Foe : A villain who opposes a family from generation to generation. The Family for the Whole Family : Gangsters and mobsters who are too pathetic for the brutal world of organized crime. Family Values Villain : The villain still has traditional morals like those of a parent. Fashionable Evil : Evil, and with great fashion sense. Fashion-Victim Villain : This bad guy has a poor taste in clothing.

Fat Bastard : Their sins are exceeded only by their girth. Faux Affably Evil : They act superficially kind and polite, but it's just a cover for their cruel and wicked personality. Femme Fatale : A beautiful yet scheming woman who knows how to exploit her good looks against gullible men. Femme Fatale Spy : A secret agent who uses sexual seduction to make certain men spill important secrets. Fetus Terrible : A villain who hasn't even been born yet. Filler Villain : The minor antagonist of a filler episode or story arc. Film Felons : A robbery? No, no, officer, this is just part of our film!

Final Boss : The last villain or antagonist that must be confronted at the end of the story. Forced into Evil : They don't really want to do evil things, they just believe they have no other choice. Foreign Wrestling Heel : The evil foreign heel in a wrestling match. For the Evulz : What the villain does, they does because destiny says so, for their own amusement, or just because they can. Forgotten Friend, New Foe : "Every murderer is probably somebody's old friend. Foul Flower : An evil flower. Four Eyes, Zero Soul : A cold-hearted, bespectacled man who prominently wears a pair of eyeglasses.

Frankenstein's Monster : This stock villain is an artificial monster made by a mad scientist who's a bit too obsessed with creating life. Friendly Enemy : This villain could actually get along well with the hero if they weren't fighting. From Camouflage to Criminal : A former soldier turned professional criminal, often very dangerous because of their military training and combat experience. From Nobody to Nightmare : Formerly an ordinary and unassuming person, now they've descended into terrifying villainy. Full-Circle Revolution : Everyone was hopeful for the overthrow of a tyrannical government Fun-Hating Villain : The ultimate killjoys.

The Fundamentalist : This villain always wants to be right, and anyone who disagrees with them is wrong. Galactic Conqueror : Gotta conquer 'em all. Gangbangers : Criminal thugs who serve urban street gangs, which are smaller than organized crime syndicates. Gas Mask Mooks : Mooks who wear gas masks to make themselves appear more intimidating. The gas mask is usually just for show. The Generalissimo : The evil oppressive dictator of a Banana Republic. General Ripper : An army officer who has no problem with planning war crimes and wasting their own men's lives. Generic Doomsday Villain : A two-dimensional villain who just wants to do bad things without much explanation given.

Ghost Pirate : Undead pirates. The Giant : Large and in charge. Giant Mook : We're gonna need a bigger boot. Giggling Villain : Tee hee hee! Eee hee hee hee hee hee! Girl Scouts Are Evil : Buy those cookies she's peddling, or else you'll really pay for it! Glorious Leader : A political outsider who uses romantic, idealistic rhetoric to hide a malevolent agenda. Glory Hound : Out to win glory, no matter what the cost. God Is Evil : God Almighty Himself is the single divine being responsible for creating the miserable state of the universe.

God of Evil : A cruel and sinister deity who goes far beyond being a mere "jerkass", and actively represents the forces of evil and villainy. God Save Us from the Queen! Goldfish Poop Gang : Those annoying bad guys that keep popping up again and again. Good Girl Gone Bad : A good girl gone to the dark side due to tragedy or trauma. Gorgeous George : An effeminate wrestling villain. Greedy Jew : A highly unflattering, racist stereotype of Jewish people as ruthless penny-pinchers obsessed with money. Green and Mean : A villain with a primarily green colour scheme. Green-Eyed Monster : This villain is motivated by their intense envy and jealousy for others.

The "Them" in many conspiracy thrillers. Hair-Raising Hare : Nightmarish rabbit. Hair-Trigger Temper : Everything pisses this villain off. Halfhearted Henchman : Villains who slack off, have no motivation, and complain about it to their co-workers. Hanging Judge : Runs their court like their own personal fiefdom; don't count on any justice if you're brought before them. Hard-Coded Hostility : The faction that, unlike other factions in a game, is your enemy no matter what. Harmless Villain : A bad guy who poses no real threat and is more likely to foil their own plans than other people. The Hashshashin : The original Assassins. Hated by All : A villain who is hated by everyone.

Hate Sink : A jerkass or villainous character who is created to attract hatred and disgust from the audience. Have You Come to Gloat? Headless Horseman : A folkloric stock villain, usually the ghost of some guy who lost their head. Beware, they might try to take your head. The Heavy : The antagonist that does the most work in driving the plot forward. The Heartless : Your very own inner demon, manifesting from negative emotions. The Hedonist : The villain only cares about pleasure. Heel : The villain in a Professional Wrestling match. Helpful Mook : A genuinely helpful mook. Henchmen Race : A race or species of beings that were created for the sole purpose of acting as troops for their creator. Heroes Act, Villains Hinder : The villains are there to stop a hero from what they want to do, rather than the other way around.

Heroism Addict : A villain who engineers dangerous situations so that they can stop them and be a " hero ". Hero Killer : Anytime this guy shows up, the good guys don't stand a chance. Hero's Evil Predecessor : The last person to hold the hero's title wasn't actually much of a nice guy. Heteronormative Crusader : This villain's a homophobe. Hidden Agenda Villain : The villain keeps their agenda, motives, and goals a secret. Hidden Villain : A bad guy whose identity or presence isn't known until The Reveal. Hijacked by Ganon : A previously defeated villain returns as a new threat. Historical Rap Sheet : This guy is responsible for committing numerous crimes throughout history. Historical Villain Downgrade : Someone who was at least somewhat evil in real life is depicted as being even less villainous in fiction.

Historical Villain Upgrade : Someone who was not evil or was already evil in real life is depicted as being even more villainous in fiction. History's Crime Wave : Infamous historical figures used as antagonists. Hitman with a Heart : An assassin with a surprising softer side. Hive Queen : The leader of a Hive Mind. Hollywood Satanism : They worship Satan himself, and willingly serve the forces of Hell. Holy Hitman : An assassin who's also religious. Hope Crusher : Wants to drive people into despair and suffering. The Horde : Barbaric and beastly warriors bent on destruction and despair for any civilized area.

Horde of Alien Locusts : A horde of aliens characterized by their perpetual hunger, and the conversion of all organic matter in the universe into more of them. Hordes from the East : They're savage. They're foreign. They come from the East. And there's a lot of them. Horror Hippies : Hippies played for horror and evil, often inspired by the Manson Family cult. Hostile Animatronics : Animatronics out to kill you.

Hostile Hitchhiker : Don't ever invite this guy to take a ride in your car. Humanoid Abomination : A strange, incomprehensible being that is at least vaguely shaped like a person, or may even look almost human at first glance, but something is horrifyingly off about them. Human Traffickers : Criminals who smuggle people like contraband overseas, often in a very exploitative way. Hungry Menace : This villain is perpetually hungry. Hunting the Most Dangerous Game : Hunting wild animals has gotten boring for them. So they've moved on to chasing other humans. The Igor : The classic sidekick of a Mad Scientist. Illegal Guardian : The guardian of a young child, who is anything but good to them. Imaginary Enemy : The opposite of an Imaginary Friend , they're an antagonist made up in someone's mind.

I'm a Humanitarian : A cannibal who eats other people, usually after killing them. Implacable Man : A villainous Determinator who cannot be easily stopped or deterred by anything until they achieve their goal. Inbred and Evil : A person being born of incest can play havoc with their morals. Incidental Villain Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain : A bad guy who could be threatening, but is too stupid or incompetent to really pull it off.

In Love with Your Carnage : A villain is turned on by watching a hero kill or inflict extreme violence. Insane Admiral : The naval counterpart of the above. Insane Equals Violent : Mentally ill people are more physically aggressive. Intellectually Supported Tyranny Intercom Villainy Interim Villain : This villain is introduced to fill in the void before the real villains arrive. Invasion of the Baby Snatchers Invincible Boogeymen : A villain or monster that cannot be killed, defeated, or even fought; one may only hope to run far away and hide from them.

Invincible Villain : A bad guy who seems to be damn near unstoppable, if not outright undefeatable. Irish Explosives Expert : Ruthless Irish militants who are experienced with committing terrorist bombings. The Irish Mob : Irish gangsters and mobsters. Jackass Genie : A magical being who will grant your wish Jack the Ripoff : Someone who starts murdering victims in a way that imitates an already notorious serial killer. The Jailer : A villain who unlawfully imprisons others. Jerkass : A rude, mean, and unpleasant person. Although most of them aren't actually evil, most villains are jerks to some degree. Jerkass Gods : Gods and goddesses who act as uncaring pricks towards the mortal beings they rule over. Jerk with a Heart of Jerk : If you thought this douchebag actually had a better nature underneath Jerks Are Worse Than Villains : For various reasons, it's not uncommon for audiences to hate Jerkass characters more than much more harmful villains Joker Immunity : The villain's continued survival is owed to protection by the writers.

Jumping Off the Slippery Slope : A character's ambiguous moral orientation is proven as evil. Kaiju : Tall, gigantic, big-ass monsters from Japanese pop culture. Guaranteed to demolish at least one major city. Karma Houdini : A villain who has been able to get away scot-free without any punishment for their crimes and sins. Karma Houdini Warranty : However, some of them can only evade justice for so long until the consequences of their misdeeds finally catch up to them.

Karmic Death : A villain dies in a manner fitting for their crimes and is their own fault. Keeping the Enemy Close Kick the Dog : A despicable crime that's done just to show how awful the villain is. Killer Cop : A police officer who is outright murderous. Killer Gorilla : Gorillas as savage, violent creatures. Killer Robot : An autonomous machine that knows how to kill people. King Mook : Scaled-up, boss version of a regular enemy. Kneel Before Zod : Bow to me, hero! Acknowledge my supremacy! Knight of Cerebus : Everything was relatively funny and light-hearted until this bastard showed up. Knight Templar : A self-righteous villain on some sort of moral crusade who goes way too far. Kosher Nostra : Jewish gangsters and mobsters.

Kung Fu-Proof Mook : Your standard attacks won't have any effect on this baddie. Try something else. Lady Macbeth Lancer vs. Lawful Evil : Order without mercy. Lawman Gone Bad : A former police officer who's gone from enforcing the laws to breaking them. Leaking Can of Evil : Despite their confinement, they will still try to influence the outside world for their plans. Lean and Mean : They're skinny and evil.

Legion of Doom : All the villains team up for the sake of collective revenge on the hero. The Legions of Hell : An army of demonic minions. Lesbian Vampire : Gay female bloodsucker. Literal Maneater : A predatory female monster who lures in human men to have them for dinner. Living Doll Collector : A creepy villain who collects other people like dolls. Living Shadow : A monster made from literal darkness. Living with the Villain Loan Shark : If you borrow money from these thugs, you better repay your debts to them or else. But nope, she's planning to sell them out to the bad guys, or actually IS a bad guy herself. Love to Hate : Despite how utterly loathsome this villain is, we still find them entertaining anyways.

Lower-Class Lout : People of low income are presented as hooligans or criminals. Mad Artist : They want to express their artistic visions, with blood as their paint and the world as their canvas. Mad Bomber : They're armed with explosives and just want to blow shit up. Mad Doctor : A physician or other medical professional who has little or no regard for their patients' well-being. Mad God : An all-powerful deity who is completely insane , affecting the world around them in unpredictable ways. Mad Scientist : An amoral scholar who conducts scientific experimentation without any regard for ethics. The Mafia : Italian gangsters and mobsters. The Mafiya : Gangsters and mobsters from Russia and other ex-Soviet nations. Magnificent Bastard : A deviously clever villain who outsmarts everyone else, and looks good doing it.

Manipulative Bastard : A villain who manipulates the characters through their emotions and various other means to further their plan if they don't just do it intuitively that is and ultimately, their goals. Mascot Mook : A common Mook ends up representing the franchise as a whole. Mascot Villain : An iconic villain who acts as the Series Mascot. Proponents of this are usually depicted with Nazi parallels. Mecha-Mooks : Evil robots that exist for the sole purpose of being mowed over by the heroes. Mechanical Abomination : A strange, incomprehensible machine or robotic contraption that goes far beyond whatever it was originally created for, and became quite a terrifying thing. Meet the New Boss : A new villain turns out to be very similar to the old villains, often to the letter.

Mental Handicap, Moral Deficiency : Intellectual disability and villainy are paired. Mental Monster : Your inner demons made flesh. Merciful Minion : When Evil Minions show mercy. Often though not always Islamic extremists. Mike Nelson, Destroyer of Worlds Minion Manipulated into Villainy : When a villain manipulates circumstances that lead to their minions serving them. Minion with an F in Evil : Some evil henchmen just really aren't cut out for villainy.

Misanthrope Supreme : Someone who has an extreme hatred of all other people, and won't feel too bad about committing crimes against humanity as a whole. Monster of the Week : A unique antagonist who usually only shows up for a single episode of a TV series. Mook Lieutenant : The commanding officer of the evil army. Mook Promotion : A basic generic minion becomes a major antagonist. After spending some time in the sunken Cave of Wonders, Jafar's Lamp is flown to the surface by Iago, who managed to free himself from the lamp.

Jafar then orders him to free him as well, but Iago becomes frustrated by his owner's cruel treatment and being taken for granted, so after having a bitter argument, he drops the lamp down a well and flies away. His lamp is later found by one of Aladdin's enemies, a bandit named Abis Mal , who rubs it, finally setting Jafar free and also, inadvertently, saving Abis Mal from his own troops turning on him due to his earlier abuse towards them.

Because his genie form can't directly kill Aladdin due to its inherent limitations, and since he can't actually travel outside of close proximity of the lamp, he attempts to arrange for Abis Mal to do it for him. However, Abis Mal is terrified of his genie form and is at a loss for words, so Jafar transforms into his human form to communicate with him better. Abis Mal demands his three wishes straight away, but Jafar, after initially venting his powers in anger at Abis Mal's defiance and nearly striking at him, decides to trick him into wasting his first two wishes in order to force him to assist in his plot for revenge against Aladdin in order to get his third wish, or he will wish he had "never been born", but continues to say that if he cooperates he will see that he is amply rewarded.

Abis Mal, having earlier encountered Aladdin, tells him he would've assisted him anyway after learning this due to sharing a mutual desire for revenge against him as well. After Abis Mal infiltrates the palace without being spotted by the guards, Jafar then notices Iago with Aladdin and Jasmine and decides to exploit Iago's new friendship to factor into his plot for revenge against Aladdin. Jafar then arrives to reunite with Iago and, after assuring the terrified bird that he has no intention of exacting revenge on him for his earlier actions, demands him to lure Aladdin and the Sultan into a trap.

Iago successfully gets Aladdin and Sultan to go for a flight on Carpet and while they're gone, Jafar invades the palace and begins to torment Genie and Abu. After the torture, he captures the two and begins the next part of his plan. Aladdin, Sultan, Carpet, and Iago reach the destination and, what seems to be a peaceful and relaxing area, turns out to be a death trap as the Sultan is kidnapped by hooded men on a magic flying horses actually all Jafar in disguise, save for Abis Mal. Aladdin threatens Iago, saying he'll deal with him later, and rushes off on Carpet to save the Sultan.

Aladdin fails and is thrown down a waterfall by Abis Mal, but rescued by Jafar. Abis Mal is in shock, but Jafar explains their act of revenge isn't completed just yet, making it clear that having him dashed against the waterfall rocks wasn't what he had in mind for revenge. Jafar frames Aladdin for the murder of the Sultan, who's really being held in captivity by Jafar. Presumably, he also tricked Jasmine in order to capture her as well. Jafar disguised himself as Jasmine and ordered the guards into executing Aladdin at dawn in order to ensure that the plan worked.

Jafar disguises himself as Jasmine again and, right before Aladdin's execution via decapitation, Jafar reveals himself to torture Aladdin even more. However, unknown to him, Iago, consumed with guilt for helping Jafar set up his new friends, frees Genie, who saves Aladdin in the nick of time from getting beheaded by Razoul, who Jafar tricked into believing that he had murdered the Sultan. At the palace, Jafar rewards Abis Mal with all the treasure his heart desired, with the only thing he requests in return is for Abis Mal to grant his freedom. Before he can, however, Abis Mal ends up interrupting his own wish to wonder whether Jafar is sincere, thus resulting in Jafar issuing a threat to Abis Mal to torture him if he doesn't. Shortly afterward the lamp is taken by Aladdin and his friends, who know that the only way to destroy him is to destroy his lamp.

Jafar, outraged that Aladdin is still alive, transforms into his genie form and battles the heroes, confident that they will never destroy him because of his great power. He creates a wasteland in the palace's garden with pits of lava as a trap for Aladdin and knocks Genie unconscious. In the fiery surface, Aladdin almost reaches for the lamp, but Jafar drops a huge chunk of the palace into the lava in order to boost the rock he is on, so he can refrain from obtaining his lamp.

When it seems like he is succeeding, Iago unexpectedly comes to the rescue. Jafar is furious at this betrayal and tries to attack him as well. He badly weakens his former ally, teasing Aladdin about good help being hard to find, but with his last ounce of strength, Iago kicks the lamp into the lava and it melts away to nothingness, which results in Jafar being violently electrocuted and then imploding into a cloud of dust, destroying him for good.

Peace is restored once more and Iago is welcomed into Aladdin's home. Because of his ultimate demise in The Return of Jafar , Jafar made no physical appearances in the television series. However, he was often mentioned by the cast, mostly Iago. His secret lair in the palace remained intact even after his death, and the heroes occasionally explored it to find new, magical ways to defeat a powerful enemy.

An antagonist in the series named Mozenrath is a powerful sorcerer who Iago often called "Jafar, Jr. In the film series' final installment, Aladdin and the King of Thieves , Jafar makes no physical appearance but is briefly mentioned by Genie in the film's opening song " There's a Party Here in Agrabah ". Genie believes that with Jafar gone, there is no possible way the wedding of Aladdin and Jasmine can be interrupted by trouble. At this point, Genie is also seen wearing and holding a Jafar mask. In the episode " Hercules and the Arabian Night " of Disney's Hercules television spin-off series, serving as a crossover to the Aladdin franchise, Jafar was temporarily revived by Hercules ' arch-enemy, Hades. Due to his previous demise, he no longer had his genie powers and was an ordinary sorcerer again as was his second wish.

The two villains teamed up to eliminate their enemies. Using his godly abilities, Hades enchanted Jafar's snake staff with the ability to transform the former vizier into a living man, once again. Should Jafar lose hold of the staff, however, he'll revert back into a lifeless spirit. Jafar visited the island of Hercules' hero trainer Philoctetes , where he summoned several giant beasts to battle Hercules. However, Hercules was able to defeat the creatures, sending Jafar back to the Underworld. Meanwhile, Hades sent his lackeys, Pain and Panic , to do away with Aladdin and friends, but Aladdin proved too clever for Hades' imps, so Jafar and Hades concocted yet another plot which involved kidnapping Abu, and Hercules' friend Icarus , and then telling Aladdin and Hercules that each other was the kidnapper, and having them battle each other.

Jafar himself was responsible for getting Hercules involved, using his old prisoner's disguise to trick Hercules into thinking that Icarus was kidnapped by Aladdin, although Hades inadvertently nearly ruined the disguise shortly afterward by removing the cloak. Eventually, the heroes caught on to the plot after Hercules informed Aladdin of Jafar's revival. In the Underworld , Jafar battled both Aladdin and Hercules, but the heroes defeated him once more, and Jafar met his final demise when Hercules broke his staff, turning him into a spirit once more and sealing him in the River Styx forever.

Despite his death, Jafar also had a recurring role on House of Mouse , typically seen alongside Iago. He appears as the main antagonist in Mickey's House of Villains , in which he relieved the villains of the Halloween boredom at the House of Mouse by taking it over and transforming it into the House of Villains. Mickey, Donald, and Goofy demand for him to leave. In response, he summons Ursula, Hades, Maleficent , and Chernabog, and they quite literally throw them out. Minnie intervenes and challenges him, but she is dragged away without effort.

However, Jafar is later sealed into his magic lamp after Mickey dons his magical hat and challenges him to a duel and Aladdin sneaks in through the side door holding said lamp. The other villains flee with their leader defeated. Jafar also went on a date with Maleficent in one episode and ended up getting burned by her literally. Many fans noted that the two characters possessed many similarities. The two are often compared as both have a regal bearing, bird side-kicks, are exceeding tall and dress in long, dark robes, and peculiar head-wear.

Two additional notable appearances on the show are on " Donald's Lamp Trade " where he tricks Donald into thinking Mickey 's not his friend so he can obtain a lamp. Donald steals Genie's lamp from the prop basement when in reality Jafar wanted Mickey's lamp. In " House of Magic ", in which he and Iago use the famous magic spell Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo to return the House of Mouse after Daisy Duck magically causes it to vanish by accident, and were tricked by Mickey to receive "Agrabah" as a reward for their good deeds, only to be presented with a snowglobe of Agrabah. He abuses his power by banning the cast of Aladdin sans Jasmine , which in turn costs Pete's business. Pete fires Jafar because of this, and in response, Jafar scorches Pete by blasting a magical fire spell to burn him.

Jafar makes a brief, non-speaking cameo in the animated short Electric Holiday , watching in the crowd as Disney character models walked down the runway. A stylized painting of Jafar can be seen in the first episode of the mini-series Descendants: Wicked World. After being tricked into becoming a genie, he becomes trapped in the smartwatch that initially held Genie captive. In the Mickey Mouse episode " Feed the Birds ", Jafar briefly appears on Mickey's TV via archive footage from the original film when the pigeons are channel surfing. Jafar is one of the two primary antagonists of the Once Upon a Time spin-off.

He is played by Naveen Andrews. In his early life, he was the "bastard child" of the Sultan that was abandoned by him. Jafar's mother Ulima who worked as a Healer died when Jafar was young, and he is sent to a palace to meet his father. Jafar attempts to steal a guard's dagger, though he is caught and brought before the Sultan. The Sultan learns from Jafar that Ulima is dead, and thus allows Jafar to stay at the palace as a servant to the Royal Family, though he must not call him father.

Jafar later accidentally breaks this rule, causing the Sultan to almost drown him and leave him in a garbage dump. He is then taken in by a blacksmith, who constantly punishes him. One day, Jafar encounters a sorceress named Amara colloquially known as "the Serpent" with whom he trains to take revenge on the Sultan. As his training progresses, he lets a man named Alik die from a poisoned wine in order to learn spells. Amara and Jafar plan to obtain genie magic to become the most powerful sorcerers in the world. Jafar and Amara successfully obtain a genie bottle each, though Jafar learns of a third in Agrabah. He then tricks Amara, transforming her into a snake and converting it into his staff. Jafar later confronts the Sultan where he kills the Sultan's heir Mirza.

Ten years later, Jafar forms an alliance with the Red Queen, though he only uses her as a pawn to bring Alice to Wonderland. He then attempts to kill the Red Queen until she reminds him that she is the only one who knows of Alice's location. In a flashback, it is shown that Alice's love Cyrus was saved from being thrown into the Boiling Sea by Jafar who had his magic carpet appear beneath Cyrus , who is now keeping him, prisoner, in his home.

Following Cyrus' escape and the plot to use Edwin to have Alice use her second wish, it is revealed that the Old Prisoner also in Jafar's home is the Sultan. Jafar keeps him from falling to his doom, keeping him alive long enough to witness his final move on Alice. The Red Queen's servant is shown to have an allegiance with Jafar, stealing Cyrus' genie bottle from her palace and giving it to Jafar. However, Jafar soon realizes this to be a fake and casts a storm to kill the Red Queen, who captures Cyrus and orders him to locate the pair to Alice. There, they meet the Knave and White Rabbit, and the Red Queen pleads for Alice to order the White Rabbit to create a portal to escape, though Alice demands to know why she formed an allegiance with Jafar to begin with.

She reveals the reason to be because she wants Jafar to change the Laws of Magic in order to go back in time and stay with Will. Alice reluctantly orders White Rabbit to dig, though a lightning bolt rebounds from the Red Queen's genie bottle and injures the Knave. Because of Alice's first wish, she temporarily dies in Cyrus' arms, until the Knave makes Alice's final wish by wishing for her suffering to stop. Alice awakens and learns that the Knave has freed Cyrus from his genie status, though the Knave trades his place within the bottle.

Jafar later claims the bottle from the Red Queen and prepares to use his magic to tap into the genie magic. When he is unable to, Jafar finds out that the Knave of Hearts doesn't have his heart in him after it was removed by Cora and plans to claim it. Even though Jafar manages to claim the Knave of Hearts' heart, his staff suddenly works against him causing Jafar to retreat. When Jafar invokes the ritual with the three bottles, he gains the ability to change the laws of magic. His first act was to make his father love him like he should've been loved before making the water appear in his father's lungs. After pinning the Jabberwocky to the wall with the Vorpal Blade, Jafar raises an army of previously dead soldiers to help in his conquest of Wonderland.

When it came to the fight at the Well of Wishes, Jafar dissolved Amara into the water she planned to return to Nyx. When Alice makes her attempt to return the water in order to break Nyx's genie curse, Jafar steals the water from Alice. This results in Nyx evoking the genie curse on Jafar and sending his bottle to another location. Once that was done, Jafar's change on the laws of magic was undone. Here, he is the father of one of the film's primary protagonists, Jay , and he is portrayed by Maz Jobrani. Jafar has Jay steal from the other residents to keep the store stocked. When Jafar notices that one of the stolen objects is a lamp Jay had brought him, he eagerly and excitedly tries to rub it; hoping for it to be a magic one in which he can supposedly get three wishes from a genie again but when his son tells him that he already tried that himself and it didn't work, he throws it away in anger.

This mockery later led all four villains to squabble in embarrassment in front of their kids. Jafar appears in the sixth season of Once Upon a Time as an antagonist. Jafar appears as the main antagonist of the Guy Ritchie re-imagining of the classic film, portrayed by Marwan Kenzari. Jafar and Iago are first seen standing outside the Cave of Wonders during the musical number "Arabian Nights" waiting for their pawn to go in and retrieve a treasure, but the Cave rejects all those that it finds unworthy by burying them deep into the sand until it has found the "diamond in the rough".

Jafar is later seen examining prisoners to find the "diamond in the rough" the cave speaks of, but none of the candidates fit the description and he pushes one of his subordinates down a well when he tries to convince Jafar that "second" is good enough. Jafar wants to convince the Sultan to use their armies to invade the kingdom of Sherabad, which is where Jasmine's mother is from, not because he sees it as a threat, but because he was once imprisoned there for years and he seeks revenge.

Not long after, Iago draws Jafar's attention to Aladdin coming into the palace. Aladdin is later caught by Jafar and the guards, but Jafar talks to Aladdin and tries to appeal to him by showing that he was a former street rat himself who rose to power. He also tells Aladdin that Jasmine is the princess and that he can help him be rich enough to impress her by finding and giving him the lamp which is located in the Cave of Wonders.

Just as Aladdin decides to do Jafar's task this time not disguised as an old beggar , he gives him the warning to avoid touching any treasure inside except the lamp. On their way to get the lamp for Jafar, Abu grabs a nearby ruby which causes the Cave to collapse. Carpet helps Aladdin and Abu reach the exit, but when he asks for Jafar's help, he only takes the lamp and attempts to kill Aladdin. Abu attacks Jafar before he and Aladdin get trapped in the cave. Jafar thinks he is victorious until he checks his pockets to find that the lamp is gone, and he screams in fury. Aladdin tries to visit Jasmine, but he is caught by Jafar and the guards again.

Jafar knows who Prince Ali really is and wants to prove that he has the lamp by pushing him off a ledge and into the ocean to see if Genie will help him survive. After saving Aladdin, they find Jasmine, Sultan, and Jafar and tries to expose him for his crimes, but Aladdin sees that Jafar is controlling the Sultan with his staff in an attempt to rule Agrabah, so he swipes it and smashes it to show him who Jafar really is. Afterward, Jafar is imprisoned for his crimes, but Iago manages to get the keys to rescue him. Later, as Aladdin is walking through the streets, a disguised Jafar swipes the lamp off of him and now becomes Genie's new master.

By asking him for his first wish, he goes to the palace throne room and uses Genie to become the new Sultan in front of citizens of Agrabah. Jafar uses his second wish to become the world's most powerful sorcerer. He exposes Aladdin for who he really is before banishing him to a frozen wasteland. He then forces Jasmine to marry him or else he will kill her father and Dalia.

Jasmine reluctantly agrees but refuses to let herself be put down. As Aladdin, Abu, and Carpet head back to Agrabah, Jasmine is about to go through with the ceremony to marry Jafar until she spots Aladdin and Abu riding on Carpet and steals the lamp from Jafar to join them. Angered, Jafar uses his powers to turn Iago into a monstrous roc to chase after them and get the lamp back so that he can continue to marry Jasmine, but the Sultan pushes the staff out of Jafar's hand so that Iago goes back to normal, and Abu has the lamp. Feeling enraged about this comeuppance with the Sultan, Jafar manages to overpower everyone and trap them, even destroying Carpet, before boasting about his power, also creating a powerful storm to destroy Agrabah.

However, Aladdin tells Jafar that he will always only be second best to Genie since he gave him his powers and can take them away just as easily. Jafar, refusing to be second best, then decides to use his third wish to become the most powerful being in the universe to become a powerful genie just like him. Genie grants him the final wish, and Jafar tries to use his new power to attack Sherabad, but now that he is also a genie, he is bound to his own lamp and he gets sucked into it. Iago attempts to escape, but Jafar pulls him in. Genie then banishes Jafar's lamp to the Cave of Wonders for 10, years.

Though the sheriff is apparently a decent archer, making it to the final round, he resorts to cheating to defeat the disguised Robin Hood. First, he has his vulture henchman, Nutsy, hide in the target, and the vulture adjusts the target so that the Sheriff gets a bull's-eye. When the "stork" shoots, he nudges the stork's bow, in an attempt to have him miss. He loses anyway, thanks to Robin Hood's skill. After Prince John unmasks Robin Hood and sentenced to beheading, the Sheriff becomes suspicious when the prince suddenly orders Robin to be released. He then discovers Little John holding a knife to the back of Prince John's neck and attacks him, freeing the prince and resulting in the following battle against Robin Hood.

Despite his supposed loyalty, the Sheriff is not above making fun of Prince John when the latter is not around, as he is next seen singing a mocking song about Prince John that the villagers had made up. Later, he presumably imprisons most of the townspeople on the Prince's orders for not paying the dramatically increased taxes that Prince John imposed as punishment for the mockery, takes money from the poor box in the church which is the last straw for Friar Tuck who attacks him, he then arrests Friar Tuck for high treason.

On Prince John's orders, he prepares the gallows to hang the Friar, knowing that Robin Hood would no doubt come to stop the execution and lead to his capture. While he and his two vulture henchmen Trigger and Nutsy are working, they are approached by a blind beggar, who is once again Robin Hood in disguise. Trigger gets suspicious when the beggar begins asking too many questions about Friar Tuck's execution, but the Sheriff tells Trigger not to worry, as this blind man is harmless.

The Sheriff and his men are then seen guarding the jail, however, the Sheriff had fallen asleep on duty. He gets annoyed by Trigger when his crossbow accidentally fires. When he and Trigger hear the sounds of Nutsy being ambushed by Robin Hood and Little John, they investigate, and find what they believe is only Nutsy, but really Robin Hood. The disguised Robin Hood then puts the Sheriff back to sleep with a lullaby and steals his keys and opens the door to the jail, allowing Little John to enter.

When Trigger hears the door shut, he accidentally fires his crossbow again, waking the Sheriff up, who fails to see Little John getting in and then reprimands Trigger for making another false alarm. Falling back asleep, he has awoken again when coins from one of the bags that was being pulleyed from the royal treasury to a jail cell fell on him. He was then subdued by Little John who stole his clothes to use a disguise to keep Trigger from alerting anyone. The Sheriff is then seen again in his underwear chasing Robin Hood when he attempts to escape.

The Sheriff corners him in Prince John's chambers and lunges at him with his torch, setting the room on fire. After a brief fight, Robin Hood escapes when the flames cut the Sheriff off from chasing him. It is unknown what happened, but presumably the Sheriff escaped the burning room as well as he is seen alive at the end. The Sheriff is finally seen at the end of the film, having been stripped of his position by King Richard, who returned from the crusades and is sentenced to working in the Royal Rock Pile alongside Prince John and Sir Hiss. The Sheriff of Nottingham, like many others characters created by Disney, appears as a guest character in this series. Sometime in the past, Robin Hood humiliated the Sheriff and took the woman he loved, Marian away from him.

Later, he meets up with the Dark One, Rumplestiltskin , in the forest. Rumplestiltskin is looking for Robin Hood, and though the Sheriff knows where the man is, he won't give any information. Instead, he proposes Rumplestiltskin allow him to spend a night with his servant, Belle , in exchange for information on the thief's whereabouts.

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