The Importance Of Puppy Mills

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The Importance Of Puppy Mills

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Farmers wake up at sunrise to feed the animals, work on the fields or to take their wares to the market. That too is honest work, everyone knows that, no shaming there. The costs of breeding the healthiest possible puppies of a certain breed is completely overlooked as well. This is what opponents and puppy buyers tend to forget, yet another reason to use marketing tools. It is high time to take a stand against the bad mouths and tell people, that professional breeding deserves a payment just like any other job in the world. Kennel marketing as well as any marketing is a powerful weapon, that anyone can get their hands on. Since there is no cultural ground rule in many countries as to how and where to buy a puppy from and what to consider thoroughly, the price becomes a much higher priority when making the decision.

Another trait that makes a breeder more professional besides their knowledge of marketing and their sense of purpose is their willingness to learn. For example medicine is constantly improving, evolving. Imagine how well would a veterinarian do if they used the same vaccination protocol they used 30 years ago OR read more about why we are the right place for every good willing dog lover on this blue planet!

Community News. Zita Valent. However, these devoted breeders are not easy to find. This gives puppy mills the upper hand when folks are looking online because they all look online first for a new, furry family member. Tell us a little bit about yourself! How would you define it briefly? Are you hitting a lot of walls? And what about breeders from abroad, are they doing differently? There are many setbacks to adopting from a puppy mill, store, or breeder, such as health or behavior problems, due to the treatment of the young dogs.

Often, puppies are born with physical issues that make them unable to be sold. The parents of the puppies, since the mother is bred until she is unable to reproduce any more litters, are usually killed at the mill. From being kept in cages for years, with no human contact, constantly being bred, many are killed, abandoned, or sold at an auction. It is so cruel and sad how these people just abuse these animals.

Most of the time when they are abandoned from puppy mills, it is the animal shelter that warily picks up these animals, and does everything in their power to save them or find them a new home. So, once the mills breed the animals, they ship them off to pet stores, where the puppies are sold at high prices, and the mills make money off of them. If people stop buying from pet stores, then the puppy mill would begin…. Puppy Mills: An Inhumane Reproduction There are many people in the world who want to stop the inhumane reproduction between dogs in puppy mills.

However not a lot of people know puppy mills exist or where their dog really came from. Puppy mills are an establishment that breeds puppies for sale, on an intensive basis and these conditions are inhumane. Dogs inside puppy mills spend their lives in small cages being neglected and forced to breed repeatedly with no recovery time in between. Puppy mills usually house dogs in overcrowded and unsanitary conditions without adequate veterinary care, food, water or socialization. Puppy mills should be banned because they provide unsafe living conditions, unfair treatment, and cause injury and disease.

A puppy mill is a mass breeding facility that produces puppies for sale Last Chance For Animals. Overcrowding is a serious issue in our animal shelters; the ratio of incoming dogs being rescued to dogs being adopted is vastly unequal. Over two and a half millions innocent dogs are euthanized each year because of overcrowding. This is in part due to the fact that people are buying from pet stores, breeders, and flea markets. When a person adopt a pet instead of buying one, that space is then opened for another dog to be rescued and be placed for adoption. Adopting a pet is a great way to avoid supporting pet stores that get their animals from puppy mills. About 4 million cats and dogs are euthanized each year because there simply aren't enough willing homes to adopt them.

Since there is an overpopulation, animal shelters urge owners to spay or neuter their pets to exclude overpopulation. Overcrowding remains the number one issue in animal shelters worldwide. The most common culprit for this: stray canines, and felines. So many animals roam the streets. These poor creatures stroll around alone, cold, hungry, and petrified. Because of the overpopulation, animal control must step in. Animals that go to slaughter houses see misery long before arriving. Animals lay in their own manure while on the farm and are vulnerable to many diseases due to the lack of health care they receive.

Many of these animals are not properly cleaned before being slaughtered. Their teeth are rotted out, and they have cysts between their toes from the wires they have been forced to stand on. In effort to stop inhumane behavior, 54 Florida municipalities have banned the sale of puppies from puppy mills. Hillsborough County has been noted to be the next county to take a stand against puppy mills. BarkPost The animal shelters countrywide are full of Pit Bulls.

BarkPost states their claim on why so many Pit Bulls are in the shelter is because of the overpopulation of the Pit Bull, which can have six to twelve puppies per litter. Also because of BSL laws that forbid people to own. The dogs bred in these puppy mills are typically damaged either physically or emotionally. The puppies produced in the puppy mills are prone to get viral or bacterial infections due to the unsanitary living quarters; normally just a small kennel for one to eight dogs. Also, the puppies run a high risk of. What is a puppy mill?

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