Out There By Lindsay Hunter Summary

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Out There By Lindsay Hunter Summary

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The characters were fleshed out just enough without any extraneous information to slow down the narrative. Heather rated it really liked it Feb 17, A rated it liked it Jan 27, Hc rated it it was amazing Jul 22, Carolina Collins rated it it was amazing Sep 22, Ridge McLachlan rated it it was amazing Mar 29, Lindsay rated it really liked it May 28, Hunter Mallone rated it it was amazing Mar 21, Eve Marie rated it really liked it Feb 25, Elizabeth Monk rated it it was amazing Sep 22, Erin Beaty rated it liked it Jan 17, Kristen D. Amanda J added it Jul 24, Grahame Keast marked it as to-read Feb 26, Daphne Flore marked it as to-read Apr 17, Corrine Jackson added it Oct 02, Rose marked it as to-read Oct 12, Melanie marked it as to-read Dec 25, Delores Alger marked it as to-read Jul 02, Tracey marked it as to-read Jun 12, Hope added it Sep 07, Jenna Lee added it Feb 01, Diane Peterson marked it as to-read Feb 04, Erica Williams marked it as to-read May 23, Roxanne marked it as to-read Oct 13, Tiffany Spencer marked it as to-read Nov 12, Kim marked it as to-read Dec 01, Emmeline marked it as to-read Dec 26, Denton instructed her guys to get the car ready for Akers and to keep the radio in the car on channel 1, and personal radios back-to-back on 2.

Butler asks to know who is in the house, and Denton says she doesn't know. Akers walks out of the house with a witness fully under a blanket, you can't see anything distinguishing. Akers bundles them into the back of the car and Denton takes off leading the drive to the safe house, with Butler, Wallis, Akers and the witness in the following car. During the drive, Denton indicates to turn left, Wallis gets on his radio and says she should be going straight on.

Denton returns with "Yeah I know the way to my own station. The Range Rover then goes on to smash head first into Akers car, causing the airbags to release. Denton's car stops after hitting a tree and her airbag deploys. Two masked gunmen get out of the Range Rover and head to Akers car, they fire into the back seat where the witness they were transporting is sitting. They hit Akers and the other two police officers, they then begin dousing the car in petrol Denton radio's in a call "Charlie Mike two-five, status zero, status zero, Long Lane and Crown Avenue! Denton throws her jacket over Akers to put out the flames, the body is so badly burnt it is unrecognisable. The second body rolls over, also badly burnt and Denton looks distraught at the scene.

Three other police cars are seen arriving and Denton is shown having received medical treatment. She has a neck brace on in her own little cubicle surround by curtains. There is lots of activity around her as other people are receiving CPR. He asks her how she is and if she needs anything before seeing if she's willing to answer questions. Denton says she's still trying to work out what actually happened out there, and Mallick says that no one seemed to know what she was up to, and she says she's not sure does either. Mallick confirms that both Wallis and Butler are dead and that the people receiving CPR behind him are Akers and the witness. Mallick asks who they are and Denton says she's not sure if she should divulge that information.

Mallick is annoyed by this and says it would help to know, he goes on to say that he'd gotten her messages and if she'd given him more than a minute to reply, she cuts him off and says she gave him more than a minute, she gave him Mallick walks away at this and we witness more CPR in the background, leaving Denton all alone. Denton watches on we see the doctors call time of death on Akers at as Denton cries silently to herself.

Back at the ambush scene, the crime scene techs are preparing to start their investigation. The media have already gathered and around surrounding the scene with cameramen, photographers and journalists. Jo Dwyer appears at the crime scene cordon and updates the press. She tells them that evidence recovery is ongoing and for them to respect the cordon. Deputy Chief Constable Mike Dryden also appears at the crime scene and signs in. He looks pretty shocked by the scene, especially knowing he gave the order for this to go ahead.

He is then introduced to the press by Dwyer, Dryden gives a statement to the police saying that this is an attack on the police, three officers lost their lives and they are starting an investigation. Ted takes them both to a room with two guards from the Major Violent Crime Unit and signs them in. Inside is the witness that was being transported by Akers. The witness is in an isolation room with one nurse Claire Tindall , covered in bandages and on a respirator. Hastings tells Kate and Arnott what happened with the transit convoy and confirms that they have been assigned to find out if a police officer or officers tipped anyone off to the witness's location.

Kate asks who the witness is and Hastings says it's classified as he was under witness protection, and he is critical but stable. Arnott talks to Claire to find out what his chances are, Claire says that he's lucky and his chances are good. Kate asks about other people in the convoy, Hastings confirms that Denton is their only other surviving witness. Arnott wants to talk to her but Hastings says she's currently in counselling. Arnott asks about the names of the offices, Hastings confirms Wallis, Butler and confirms Akers but says her name is not being released to the press as she was in witness protection.

Kate looks shocked and says she'll follow them shortly. Kate looks at her phone history and sees an answered call from Richard Akers yesterday and 5 missed calls from him yesterday. Kate looks worried and catches up with Hastings, she tells him that she can't be part of this investigation. Hastings looks confused, he says it'll be a high profile case and she's one of his best officers. Kate reveals she knew Jayne Akers and says they went through Ryton together. Hastings gets frustrated and says that half the job went through training together and they aren't investigating Akers, Kate says not yet. Hastings is baffled that Kate doesn't want to investigate why there are three officers in the morgue.

Kate asks Hastings if she's supposed to be angry, and Hastings says yes, and if he finds out a police officer was responsible he'll be livid. Kate says she's not angry, that she doesn't want to investigate a former colleagues death, she'd prefer to keep her distance. Hastings gives in but complains that he'll have to find Arnott a new partner and that Arnott won't like that. Hastings confirms they have the parameters of the investigation, witness protection is off limits and major violent crime is going after the gunmen. This leaves AC with investigating the suspicion that someone leaked information which led to the ambush. Arnott complains that by not being able to investigate fully they are only left with Denton to question.

Denton goes back to work at the 4th street station where a book of condolences and a collection for Wallis and Butler has been started. O'Neill asks Denton if she is ok, and asks if there is anything he can do for her, she politely declines and walks into her office. Mallick greets her and tells her to take it steady. Denton gets upset when she sees the memorial for the two officers and everyone is staring at her, so she goes to the toilets to cry. There is a knock on her toilet door, she says "this one's taken" but the knocking becomes louder and more insistent.

She repeats what she said and then the door flies open and O'Neill grabs her by the hair, while the rest of the squad, including Mallick, looks on. O'Neill then shoves her head into the toilet and flushes. He pulls her up long enough to say "No firearms! No backup! It should be you we're burying, you stupid bitch! He lets her up finally and she's left sobbing against the cubicle wall as they all walk out. Hastings, Arnott and Georgia are present for the interview. Hastings confirms that she's being interviewed as a witness, not as a suspect in any matters of crime, discipline or misconduct. Hastings wants to know what her involvement was in the events that took place on 5th September.

Denton says it was bad luck, she was on the ghost rota and the Duty Sergeant took a call and passed it to her. Hastings wants the details. Denton confirms that the caller identified herself as DS Jayne Akers and then told Denton that there was an immediate and credible threat to the life of a protected witness. Hastings asks if she said anything further about the threat, Denton said she did not. Hastings wants to know if Akers indicated where she got the information from about the threat, Denton said she did not. Arnott asks a question and Royal buts in to say that Denton has the right to be questioned by an office of one rank superior, Arnott says she's only a witness there is no suspicion, Denton says it's ok.

Denton says that the witness was located within the precinct of the 4th Street and the 4th Street Estate and that made the 4th Street Station the duty station. Hastings wants to know if she passed this information on to officers at the 4th Street Station, Denton said she did not that Akers had impressed on her the secure nature of their communication and should only involve others when strictly operationally necessary. Denton confirms she had a cover story, the arrest of a missing persons suspect. Arnott asks if she spoke to anyone, Denton confirms she discussed the matter with Dryden and sought his approval to render assistance. Hastings tests her and asks why she told Dryden if Akers had told her not to, Denton counters that assistance of that type requires Gold approval before it could be carried out.

Hastings looks pleased with her knowledge of procedure and says "quite right". Arnott asks if she always adheres to regulation, Denton says that's what they are there for. Hastings wants to know why she chose specifically to call Dryden. Denton confirms that in an earlier instance where the Duty CS failed to answer DCC Dryden had made it clear that he could always be contacted in such circumstances. Denton goes on to suggest that Dryden offered this so he could find out which Brass were pulling their weight and which weren't. Hasting chuckles and asks Denton why she assigned Wallis and Butler. Denton says she knew they had good reputations and could handle themselves. Arnott interjects that they were unarmed officers.

Hastings repeats the words said to her in the toilet, but gently, "No firearms, no backup? Hastings says "Nobody's blaming you, I mean if those were Akers' instructions. I just thought you might think they were a bit irregular. The tone changes and they ask about Denton personally, asking about her background as doing mostly desk work in the background. Denton says that she believes she's done important work and Hastings quickly agrees. Georgia reads out her background with AC, in , Denton alleged a colleague was falsifying witness statements. The complaint was upheld and the officer was disciplined. In , Denton alleged a colleague was making fraudulent expenses' claims. Georgia says that Denton has demonstrated the utmost probity throughout her service career.

Hastings congratulates her on her courage to take a moral stand against fellow officers. Hastings then asks them to look at document seven in their folder, which is a map showing the location of the safe house, the ambush and 4th street station. Arnott shows the most direct route between the safe house and the station, and then shows the longer route that was taken and that the ambush happened almost directly after Denton had turned left onto Long Lane.

Hastings asks Denton to agree that was the case, which Denton does. Arnott asks why the decision was taken to not go via the fastest route, Royal says that Denton was following Akers' instructions. Arnott asks specifically if Akers specifically chose the route and Denton says yes. Arnott says that this route would have lead to the 4th street station if the cars had continued along Crown Avenue, but that they turned off onto Long Lane. Denton again says that this was Akers' decision. Hastings asks if Denton questioned this. Denton says she didn't. Arnott asks if she had a radio, which Denton says she did. Hastings asks again why Denton didn't question this decision. No help there. She really should have taken a taxi home, she acknowledged, but had never had a problem before, why should she have thought this morning would be any different?

Leigh felt her heart squeeze tight as the footsteps followed her across the street. Now her gaze was sharp as she scanned the houses she passed, searching for any sign of life, trying to deduce which she should approach for help. This was a quiet residential street, the houses in darkness, people having long retired for the night and not yet rising. She appeared to be the only person in this area who worked late and was still up.

Well, the bar closed then, the restaurant area closed much earlier. Leigh managed the bar at night. Once the last customer trundled out and the cleaning crew set to work, she retired to her back office to do paperwork; filling out the work schedules, checking time cards, writing up orders, checking the day's receipts, and so on. She was usually done about the same time as the cleaners. Otherwise, she waited for them to finish, saw them out, locked up and headed home…always between Just as everyone on this road appeared to be , Leigh thought, her heart sinking.

Then she spotted a porch light pop on several houses up. A moment later the front door opened and an older lady in a housecoat appeared. Leigh's heart lifted. A safe port in the storm. She could seek shelter from the woman and call the police, or maybe just a taxi. She put on a burst of speed and opened her mouth to call out, but that was as far as she got. Suddenly he was there before her, forcing her to an abrupt halt.

The sound of her name made her pause with confusion, then the man shrugged the hood off his head, revealing his face. He was always eager to please and a hard worker. They just got along well as friends. She'd been terribly upset when he'd gone missing more than a week ago. Usually prompt, and often even early for his shift, Donny simply hadn't shown up on Monday night. Now, a week later, the police had been to the restaurant twice, asking questions and admitting that he appeared to have disappeared. They told her to contact the station if she heard from him.

Leigh blinked at his answer, not finding it acceptable after all her concern. And frankly, the words -- as well as the odd smile on his face -- were creeping her out. There was also something strange about his eyes. Her fear had now fully turned to anger, and she was no longer in the mood to hear what he had to say for himself. She'd taken only a few steps before, unaccountably, stopping, her body going limp. She heard the soft thud as her purse slid from her lifeless hands and landed on the grassy verge along the sidewalk, then found herself slowly turning back. Donny was no longer alone; another man stood beside him. He was tall and lanky, with long, straw-colored hair that hung in greasy strips around a thin pale face. He also had yellow-brown eyes that seemed to glow.

Donny's told me a lot about you. But she snapped back with horror when the man abruptly swooped forward, enveloping her in the darkness that seemed to surround him. She felt a pinch on her throat, then excitement and pleasure rushed through her like a drug. Leigh blinked at the whiney sound to his voice, even as the pleasure invading her faltered and the man before her muttered something against her throat. Hers, she presumed. She could feel warm liquid running down her throat and dampening the front of her white blouse. Of course, they were also supposed to be irresistibly attractive and suave. Unfortunately Donny was just your average red-haired, freckle-faced guy, and Mr. Really, it was all rather disappointing when she thought about it. A low growl drew her attention to Mr.

Master Vampire, and she noted with some concern that he looked kind of pissed off. It was the obey thing where he lost her. It was the main reason he became an ex. Leigh had no idea why, either. Unfortunately, while her mind was somewhat her own, her body was not. A growl distracted Morgan and he glanced down to the side. Then, to her surprise, he scooped her into his arms and started back across the street. Donny followed. He was muttering under his breath with resentment, Leigh noted, glancing over the shoulder of the man carrying her.

Then her view was obstructed as Morgan carried her around the back of a black van. She'd crossed the road just two car lengths before the van earlier, and now suspected it was where Morgan had appeared from.

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