Advantages And Disadvantages Of Space Probes

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Space Probes

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Why Space Probes Still Use Black \u0026 White Cameras in the 21st Century

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This review has described several of the most common molecular biologic techniques that are, or will be, employed in the diagnostic laboratory. The potential advantages of these DNA probe assays in the diagnosis of infectious diseases include: rapid detection and identification of infectious agents; the ability to screen selected specimens using batteries of probes; and the detection of nonviable or difficult-to-culture organisms. The potential disadvantages of DNA probe assays include: the use of isotopic detection methods for optimum sensitivity; limited diagnostic sensitivity of current assays; slow turna-round time for some assay formats; expense of current reagents; limited availability of many probes; lack of technical expertise in most diagnostic laboratories; and the requirement for antimicrobial susceptibility testing requires culture.

Given the above advantages and disadvantages, there are several key issues that must be considered before adopting DNA probe technology in the diagnostic laboratory; the cost of performing routine culture and identification versus the cost of screening with probes--both the number and type of specimens and the time savings that may be realized by eliminating routine cultures; the prevalence of the infectious agent--even the best DNA probe assay may not be useful or practical in a low-prevalence situation; the need for additional equipment and space; and the interpretation of false-positive and false-negative results--additional research is needed in this area.

However, laboratories must consider these issues when using a test other than the current gold standard i. Unmanned craft allow for such missions as Voyager I and II, which not only visited some of the outermost bodies in the solar system but continue to journey out into space and send data back to Earth. Indeed, Voyager 1 is now traveling outside the solar system, in interstellar space. While space probes can undertake missions that would preclude human involvement, they are not perfect.

Whereas humans can adapt to changing situations and repair malfunctions, probes can only execute their programming. If this programming is flawed, such as the ill-fated Mars Climate Orbiter that crashed into the Martian surface because two different teams used different measurement systems, the mission may be doomed the moment the probe lifts off. These can lead to costly and embarrassing public failures. While space probes conduct good science and undertake useful missions, they do not capture the human imagination or ignite the same kind of excitement that a human physically exploring space does. Government space agencies depend on the budgetary politics of the moment for funding, and a lack of public interest in space exploration makes space agencies an attractive target to cut.

While manned missions are more limited from a scientific standpoint, they are far more effective at capturing the public opinion necessary for funding space exploration. Micah McDunnigan has been writing on politics and technology since He has written technology pieces and political op-eds for a variety of student organizations and blogs. What Robots Are Used Today? The Importance of the Greenhouse Effect. Tools Used by Astronauts.

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