Homelessness Population In America

Wednesday, March 16, 2022 9:41:58 PM

Homelessness Population In America

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Adding to the concern of housing advocates are signs that many more individuals have moved outside since the count was conducted because of the pandemic. Some individuals have been worried about contracting COVID staying inside, and many shelters have been forced to limit bed space to meet health and safety protocols. This has led to an increase in street homelessness in communities that were unable to provide alternative housing, although some have taken advantage of hotel space left empty during the pandemic. Becky Gligo, executive director of Housing Solutions Tulsa, said her Oklahoma county raised money to move more than unsheltered individuals into a hotel or other housing after a major storm hit the area this winter, leaving fewer than a dozen people on the streets.

But in some ways, it's really fast-tracked things that we thought would take five, 10 years to get the funding and intention for," Gligo said. Streets that were usually bustling were suddenly empty. Conveniences, such as bathroom facilities, were no longer available. Homelessness is "generally a delayed response" to economic setbacks, Read noted. Families that have been able to hold on to housing during the pandemic, with the help of government aid and eviction moratoriums, could find themselves out of luck in the coming year. The amount of aid is unprecedented. Roman, of the National Alliance to End Homelessness, noted that the measure also includes direct payments for families, which could keep many in their homes. She said some communities are also planning to use the funds to buy empty hotels that can be used to house more individuals, both temporarily and permanently.

Accessibility links Skip to main content Keyboard shortcuts for audio player. NPR Shop. The numbers in the report do not reflect the impact of the pandemic. In recent years, homelessness in this city reached the highest levels since the Great Depression in the s, reaching its highest point under Mayor Bill de Blasio. However, this year saw the second year in the decline of the homeless or unsheltered population, attributed to the creation of safe havens, or specialized shelters, that have a streamlined process of getting people into permanent housing. As of May , there were 59, homeless people in NYC.

The state with the lowest percentage of the homeless population is experiencing an increase as well. Due to an oil and gas boom, North Dakota now has the fastest-growing economy. With this comes a rush of people coming to the state for work, but surging housing prices has made it difficult to find a home. For a state-by-state look at homeless statistics, take a look at the table below.

Hover over Click on a tile for details. The top four causes of homelessness, in order, are: Lack of affordable housing Unemployment Poverty Low wages. Here are the 10 states with the most homeless people: California , New York 92, Florida 28, Texas 25, Washington 21, Massachusetts 18, Oregon 15, Pennsylvania 13, Georgia 10, Ohio 10, Most Homeless. Homeless Population By State Show Source.

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